The folks at GameClub are back to their old tricks of resurrecting some of the App Store’s best lost classics, and their latest upcoming release is Liv Games’ 2011 side-scrolling strategy battler Legendary Wars. Expanding on the “castle vs. castle” genre that had taken the App Store by storm back in those days, Legendary Wars had you controlling a huge cast of cool heroes as you battled against a huge cast of awesome villains. What made it so interesting back then was its variety, as in addition to the “castle vs. castle” style you also had levels that were more like side-scrolling brawlers, or runners, or a number of other game types. Somehow this all gelled together super well into one cohesive experience that we loved in our original review.

Legendary Wars was pretty popular when it came out, and it spawned a sequel called Monster Wars which had you playing as all the villains from the first game. It was super fun to experience the Legendary Wars story but from the other side, and we also enjoyed Monster Wars in our review from 2012. But the story doesn’t stop there. A third game came along in 2013 called Stellar Wars that took the Legendary Wars and Monster Wars formula but applied a sci-fi theme to an entirely new campaign. Spoiler alert: We liked that one too.

So here’s the exciting part. Starting on Monday, those who are part of the GameClub Early Access program will get a Testflight invite for Legendary Wars, and can start playing this lost classic right away. However, that’s not all! The entire trilogy will be making a comeback through GameClub, and while dates haven’t been decided just yet, the sequels Monster Wars and Stellar Wars will be added to the Early Access program at some point in the future too. You can sign up for GameClub Early Access on their website if you haven’t done so already, and just to make things SUPER easy here are Testflight links to ALL of the games that have been released in GameClub Early Access so far. Feel free to download with reckless abandon:


  • Tales of the Adventure Company [Download] [Rate]
  • Cubed Rally Racer [Download] [Rate]
  • Space Miner: Platinum Edition [Download] [Rate]
  • Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots [Download] [Rate]
  • Plunderland [Download] [Rate]
  • Rocket Ski Racing [Download] [Rate]
  • Super QuickHook [Download] [Rate]
  • Run Roo Run [Download] [Rate]
  • Cubed Rally World [Download] [Rate]
  • Chopper 2 [Download] [Rate]
  • Incoboto [Download] [Rate]
  • Zombie Match Defense [Download] [Rate]
  • Wooords [Download] [Rate]
  • Sword of Fargoal [Download] [Rate]
  • Hook Champ [Download] [Rate]

You’ll notice that next to the download links above there are also links to rate each game, and those links will take you to a short anonymous survey where you can assign a score and leave comments about each one. GameClub is very interested to know which games players are liking the most and why, but possibly even more importantly the games you’re NOT liking and why. So feel free to download all of the above games as they’re all free without any ads or anything and take them for a spin, then offer any feedback you may have through Testflight or the GameClub Discord, and take the short survey. Additionally, if you have games you’d like to call attention to in the hopes that GameClub can try and bring them back from the dead, then you can fill out this short form to make your requests and they’ll put them under consideration.

I’m a heavy believer in what GameClub is doing and I’ve been having a blast revisiting all the old titles they’ve released so far, so don’t be shy and hop on the Early Access gravy train and be sure to let the folks at GameClub know what you think about the games they’re working on already as well as any games you’d like to see them pursue for the future.